Delay Observed in Playing IVR after the call has been accepted

There is a delay of 25-30 seconds observed when the call load increases on Asterisk. For instance, when the call load was around 130 calls, Asterisk accepted calls but the welcome IVR was played after 26 seconds. The RAM and CPU utilization was around 5%-10% when the call load was around 135 calls. The below debug shows the time when the call landed on system and when the welcome IVR was heard. When the call load decreased to 75 & below, the welcome IVR was heard within 1-2 seconds.

Call Landed on System : [2022-08-16 14:37:34]
Welcome IVR Played at: [2022-08-16 14:38:00]
Delay: 26 seconds

It appears that when the call load increased, asterisk kept busy in accepting the calls and played the welcome IVR with delay. Can anyone suggest a reason for this delay in playing IVR or is this the default behaviour. Thanks.

Asterisk doesn’t play any welcome unless you provide dialplan to make it do so. Please provide a copy of that dialplan and the full log (which you may need to enable in logger.conf.

As this sounds like some sort of resource limitation problem, also please describe the hardware, virtual, or cloud environment in which it i running.

Asterisk is running in a VMware virtualized environment with 40GB RAM & 18vCPUs. Attached is the dialplan.

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