Decoding of Asterisk recordings in siren14/G.722.1C

Hey everyone,

I am currently trying to set up a test environment for superwideband IP telephone using Asterisk 10.9.0 and the siren14 codec. In order to conduct the tests I need to be able to record and play back talkspurts in Asterisk (which works just fine) and also to play back externally encoded siren14 files, which works, too. Finally I need to be able to decode the recordings done using These recordings are encoded in siren14/G.722.1C and play back just fine in Asterisk but it is impossible for me to decode them using the binary decoder supplied by Polycom ( … - works flawlessly in wine :wink:). What is odd is that I am able to create sound files that play back just fine in Asterisk using the encoder and am also able to decode them again - it’s just the recordings done by Asterisk and the supplied music-on-hold files that I am unable to decode.

I am trying to decode the files using
wine decode.exe 0 <asterisk-recording.siren14> <asterisk-recording.pcm> 48000 14000
and afterwards importing them into Audacity as Signed 16bit little-endian raw data with 32kHz sampling rate. My own encoded files (which also play back in Asterisk) decode just fine this way, the recordings just output garbage sound every couple of seconds.

It would be great if someone could just point me in the right direction. If any additional information is needed I am happy to supply it!