Debugging the execution of CLI commands

Colleagues, please tell me the answer to my question.

How to enable debugging of command execution by the command interpreter?

Sometimes, after a command is issued and its output appears on the console, a noticeable time passes. Up to 10-15 seconds. For example, “reload” or “sip show peers”.
In this case, Asterisk can “silently” accept several commands, and after a certain delay, display the issuance of all these commands, in the sequence of their submission.

I would like to understand which of the modules or functions (for example request to DNS, MySQL) delays the work of Asterisk.

Is it possible to view the execution of the command stack in detail?

Grateful for the replies,

<>core set debug 3<>
Bad DNS is a common issue that cause delay between Dial from softphone and process dial context even if you don’t use anything with DNS names.
Try use or before look into another issues and make sure they are responding properly.

Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately it doesn’t answer on my question.

I gave DNS as an example and I have no problem with it. On each installation with Asterisk, I have a personal caching BIND running for it. MySQL is usually more of a hassle.

On your advice, I told core set debug 3. The response time of Asterisk to “heavy” commands has increased somewhat. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any additional information anywhere.
Where to look for it?


I’m sorry, but I didn’t quite understand what kind of softphone you are talking about…

Asterisk isn’t a browser, so give a chance and use some external DNS for this server.
Some pieces of code consumes DNS and as I comment earlier, anything different at DNS server will cause strange situations like delay in response for commands and/or calls.

Softphone is just an example and could be any type of sip client you deserve to use.

The OP says he is using a caching name server, locally. That is better than going straight out to an external server.

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