DEBUG statements are not getting logged

we have set this in Logger.conf
debug_log_123456 => notice,warning,error,debug,verbose,dtmf

*CLI> core set debug 5 ; run this in asterisk cli

Log file got created successfully but DEBUG statements are not logged(all other are logged properly).

How to log DEBUG statements?

When you built asterisk, did you use the --enable-dev-mode flag with ./configure?

Hello Joseph,
Thanks for your reply, I have not used “–enable-dev-mode flag” with ./configure.
But, now this problem is solved and we are able to see the “DEBUG” log.

Our main concern is that we want to stream the audio of the conversation, and hence we are trying this through JACK_HOOK.

For the detail error and configuration used, you may check this.
Error while using jack_hook application.

please help me. thanks in advance.