Debian Lenny and Dahdi

I have tried to install An Asterisk system on Debian Lenny. All compiles OK.

However, when Dadhi tries to load it get a module version error. This all worked well on Debian Etch.

Anyone seem this error or better still fixed it ?



You must recompile and reinstall all kernel modules (in this case DAHDI) after every kernel update.
Just start with recompile and reinstall of DAHDI modules.

Hi Bira More,

this is a plain vanilla install of Lenny, I do an aptitude update before I compile dahdi, libpri etc.

I seems that the problem relates to the latest kernel being compiled with a c++ version earlier than the version downloaded by aptitude install g++ which explains the version problem.

I have switched to Centos 5.3 which is problem free. Shame as Debian has a much smaller footprint.