Database approach to IVR


I am in the need to script an IVR based on ODBC instead of static confs.
This is because it will be connected to an CRM/ERP and should be managed by non-tech users.

Most of the time I script dialplans using AEL, maybe someone tries something similar and shares his thoughts (?).

Thank you.

Less people on this forum use AEL, I have around 12 years using Asterisk and I dont even know how to use AEL, and it is not only me.

AEL and Conf are very similar, this would not be a problem for me.
I browsed some docs and it looks like, I better build it on AMI/FastAGI using Python.

PS: AEL is worth a look. The code is much cleaner and there are no priorities needed (which is a key feature of Conf-syntax). I wonder why this has not become the default language, :wink:

AEL complies to .conf type operations, so it cannot do any more and, in practice it can do less.

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It’s best to take an organic approach. And you’re already part of the way there.
Since you are creating your IVR script manually, now you should identify the common factors.

  • Where is the repetition
  • Where are the unique values

Then… you can translate this information into database queries.

I will not go into the pros and cons of AEL, but you may find AMI or AGI work better to interact with the dialplan.

You can find some details how I did it here.
I used AGI() and python, and you’re welcome to look at the code

Thank you very much, this indeed is of help for me!

Good afternoon, I use .ael in my project with odbc.
If you are needed simple .ael IVR, I can write it for you

Hi Thank you very much but I have just finished my database driven (simple) IVR.

After fixing some bugs in pyst2 to work with python3.6 instead of 2.x it now runs very well.
I use Django with it’s ORM and custom admin-commands.

AGI is much more powerful than I thought.

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