Daisychain multiple asterisk servers

Hi. i am in need of some help. i have a main asterisk server with 4 digit extensions that i use as sip trunks to other phones and asterisk servers. They all register to the main asterisk server, and the main asterisk server has internet connection and connection to our upstream telephone number provider.

Everything works perfectly, the question i have is, My server crashed and needed a reboot, but after the reboot none of the asterisks that connect with a sip trunk to the Main asterisk, auto reconnected. they said connected on the clients pbx but they had one way voice issues among other. the way i fixed the issue is that i had to manually sip reload and dialplan reload every client pbx that connects to the main asterisk.

any suggestions why the auto reconnect made such issues and needed a sip reload.

If they register the “client” servers know where the main server is but the main server no. Check asterisk documentation how to make the client servers to register more often so you don’t have such issues.

Why can’t you give them all static addresses and eliminate host=dynamic and register?