Dahdi Warning: Span DYN/~~~/1 ddidn't specify a spantype

I am using a Farsouth CommaITA device and keep getting an error in kern.log

Aug 1 04:21:31 CallCentre kernel: [ 1626.878656] dahdi: Warning: Span DYN/eth/eth1/00:50:c2:97:92:1d/1 didn’t specify a spantype. Please fix driver!

It did work with a patched version of Dahdi 2.4.1. I’m trying to upgrade to use the current version of Dahdi (2.7.0) and have duplicated the patches for 2.4.1.

It appears that the spantype has changed from a const string to an enum list, but does this mean I have to change the settings in system.conf to one of those on the list?

Failing that, any way of installing Dahdi 2.4.1 on Ubuntu 12.4 with Asterisk 11.2? We need webrtc functionality.

Hi, no, for dynamic spans you can essentially ignore that error message. The spantype is used by the autoconfiguration tools, but dynamic spans are always only configured when dahdi_cfg runs, so it’s not used.

I just pushed the patch I had floating around on one of my development branches for this here.

You can apply it to your 2.7 tree like:

wget "https://github.com/sruffell/dahdi-linux/commit/1a66ab.patch" -O - | patch -p1