dahdi_tool command "no such command"

hello all

having been using so unfamiliar with all this dahdi stuff!

i have just installed on a ubuntu machine, now i need to find if the digium card is behaving/ seen by asterisk. i tried to run the command

dahdi_tool but was told “no such command”

i have installed dhadi-
make clean
make install

make install
make config

anyone any ideas?


blimey its got quiet on here…

i am having the same problem. with asterisk and on the forums, cant get a reply to my posts. I’m slowly learning and answering my own questions which is good but still no support at all as of yet.

ahh so im not alone?! lol

i have scrapped my install, totally gone back to a clean install of Ubuntu and im tryign to install 1.4 with zap. i understand that a bit better