Dahdi problem with card Sangoma (B600) instalation

Hi, my name is Fernando I’m from Perú and I new in asterisk installations.

I have a problem after the confirmation Wanpipe/dahdi installation run in Asterisk Now, when I configure the device B600 (sangoma) with the command wancfg_dahdi.

Apparently it generates chan_dahdi file, configure the AFT-B600, add the codec and complete the configuration but, after restart the services I have this error:

5 channels to configure
DAHDI_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 1: no such device or address (6)
Error executing command:
dahdi_cfg -v

After that I have to remove the wanrouter scripts, etc. and I can’t up my lines.

Please, Someone who could give me an answer. Thanks.

If you type the command “wanroute hwprobe” the output show the b600 card?

If yes, check the output in the log file /var/log/messages.

Thank you, but I found the solution.

The problem was the card… why?, How?.. I have no idea, I just changed the card for another and now my asterisk pbx is working.

The card (b600) I’ll change for warranty asap.

S. Y.