Dahdi is a hog on cpu on my dual core athlon (64 bit) 4GB

I have a dual core athlon with 4GB RAM running ubuntu 8.10 (64 bit) and asterisk 1.4.24.

For some reason asterisk is hogging cpu with NO calls and no load. Here is output from TOP

[color=red]Cpu(s): 21.8%us, [/color]28.6%sy, 0.0%ni, 47.7%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 1.8%si, 0.0%st
Mem: 4054496k total, 3963092k used, 91404k free, 125560k buffers
Swap: 514008k total, 2336k used, 511672k free, 3324212k cached

21551 root 20 0 524m 25m 7060 S [color=red] 118[/color] 0.6 678:49.83 asterisk

on asterisk command line, I just see a bunch of ‘Really destroying SIP dialog’ and occassional register attempts to a sip trunk.

I tried compiling previous version too but same issue. I am using latest version of asterisk, dahdi and asterisk-addons. I don’t use pri cards so don’t have pri installed. Mine is software only solution (pure SIP/IAX2 and no telephone cards) so can’t blame it on hardware either.

My previous machine was a 1.6 Ghz intel (32 bit) and I used to have almost 0 cpu when idle. not sure what is going on here.
Anyone ??

EDIT: I found that when I add
in modules.conf then cpu usage drops to 0 as expected. However when adding that my sip trunks stop registring and asterisk looses all sip functionality. removing it brings back sip but cpu jumps to 100%

in the /var/log/asterisk/message I found error

codec_dahdi.c: Failed to open /dev/dahdi/transcode: No such file or directory

Is that related to this ?