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I would like to know what the following snippet from one of my inbound call logs means exactly. I would rather get a direction to a read so I can fully understand it as well.

We have a 1xPRI setup, I was checking the logs for incoming calls and wanted to know what the following meant as I was not able to find it on the configs that I looked at (maybe Im looking in the wrong place).


– Accepting call from ‘5555555555’ to ‘0684’ on channel 0/23, span 1

– Executing [0684@from-outside:1] Wait(“DAHDI/23-1”, “1”) in new stack

– Executing [0684@from-outside:2] Set(“DAHDI/23-1”, “__INCOMINGCLI=5555555555”) in new stack
– Executing [0684@from-outside:3] Goto(“DAHDI/23-1”, “from-outside-redir|0684|1”) in new stack
– Goto (from-outside-redir,0684,1)

I want to know what ‘0684’ is. I think its the 4 digit string that the PRI provider is sending us, but Im unable to find anything on 0684 in asterisk, where are these generally configured so I can route them as needed?. Is this a hunt group? I can post the whole log, but I I dont see where I can attach a text file, and I dont want to upload the whole log. I can send it via e-mail if anybody has the time to look at it.


Your probably running some GUI?

If you were running Asterisk by itself, you would have had to worked with the config files. So then the context from-outside would be meaningful.

-- Accepting call from '5555555555' to '0684' on channel 0/23, span 1

Tells you what channel the call came in on and from what number. The 0684 is the digits the PSTN is sending you for the inbound number dialed. It could be just a set of numbers which have meaning to your PBX or the last 4 of a DID.

For example. I have a 1-800-123-1234 number. When the call comes into me it is sent to number 1555. Obvioulsy nothing in relation to the 1-800 number. All of my dids though are like 1-254-555-XXXX, the number they are sent to is the last 4 of the dialed number.

-- Executing [0684@from-outside:3] Goto("DAHDI/23-1", "from-outside-redir|0684|1") in new stack
-- Goto (from-outside-redir,0684,1)

this would appear to indicate that there is a context called from-outside-redir and there is a line in it that is telling 0684 were to go.

[color=#FF0000]BUT NOTE[/color]…if your running a GUI to maintain your system, it is not a good idea to go messing around with the config files unless you understand how it will effect your system. You very easily could crator the whole thing.


Thanks for your reply!