DAHDI - em_w issue ===

Good evening,

Working with a new configuaration using a Sangoma A108 (4 T1) card.

  • Asterisk Source Version :
  • Dahdi Source Version :
  • Libpri Source Version :
  • WANPIPE Release: 3.5.8

Issue I have is with incoming calls being transfered from my Asterisk box to a 3Com Total Controls Modem Rack.
Dual T1 Application Card Revision 4.2.1 (Card Id:27)
Boot Code Linked Date : Mon Dec 04 17:41:48 1995
Operation Code Linked Date: Fri Sep 05 11:07:48 1997

When connected to a Carrier T1 channels Answer and Dial out fine. When the T1 is moved to Span 1 of the Sangoma card, it continues to function fine. But incoming calls connected to the coresponding channel on Span 4, go off hook and then time out. No modem answer tone is ever sent. Outbound from Span 4 works fine.

The issue sounds like this one documented –

But as I read the ticket this patch should already be incorporated into the build I am working with…

Anyone else having issues, or have this configuration working with Dahdi.


PS: it worked for a long ime with an OpenVox D410P and Zaptel … Just was time to upgrade and the outcome is a problem.