Customer Hangup getting different REASONS and CUASE CODES


Here in INDIA we have so many telecom providers.

The problem is…

  1. In Airtel, BSNL, Idea etc…

When i dial to these numbers, If the customer cut the phone without picking the mobile, I am getting NO ANSWER cdr and it’ll display dialed number in CDR also.

Its working fine.

  1. Here is the problem. Only in Vodafone, If i do the same thing what i have in first, I am getting BUSY in CDR and there is no dialed number in my CDR.

So what is my question is …

[b]Is it because of telecom provider’s problem ?
Is it because Asterisk server problem ?

Why am i getting two differnt reasons in my CLI for the same thing ?[/b]

Also Cause code also are different…



There will be a difference between network operators, but you will have to provide protocol traces to determine what this is (if you are using a remote SIP to PSTN gateway, you may need traces from that gateway).

The lack of dialled digits in the CDR suggests a problem with the dialplan. As Asterisk doesn’t come with production dialplans, that will a problem you, or your Asterisk GUI developer, have introduced. The context field in the CDR should be a good clue.