Custome Header reader in Asterisk12

Hi folks,

i am trying to read the SIP header capability in Asterisk-12 using the PJSIP stack.
The file i have written has been placed in the res folder of asterisk source but i am not able to compile it. i also have tried the example … Supplement
its not working either.

any one who faced the same issue?


You’ll do better with this question on the asterisk-dev mailing list -

i am just wondering if somebody else have tried the same?
there is another issue i have seen by default res_sip_session.h is not downloaded that cause the res custom script not work. there may be other files not sure though. thats the one i saw being used.

but are you able to find the file and add it?

The greenlandzone posting was link spam.

oh crap, i am soo concerned forget to see