Custom dialplan

Hey Guys,

We have setup a complimentary SIP connect service to our existing customers but before we sell it i want customers to be able to dial the 3 digit extension that is displayed on their phone from other phones under the same account code.

IE: the actual extension (that they register with) is “123101” with the first three digits being their account number and the last three being the extension that is displayed on their phone. I want them to be able to dial 101.

This is to combat customers calling each other across our paid transit links by using the internal extension, they will have to dial the local direct in dial and will be billed accordingly. Obviously calls in the same account code (usually the same office) will not be charged.

Hope this makes sense, thanks for your time!



Wrong forum, as this is not a discussion point.

The six digit number is a device resource name, not an extension.

This is a standard multi-tenant situation Use a different context for each tenant.