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Hi Team,
I have requirement like play back my sip account number.
Let me explain.

For example my sip account is 101

i want to create a dialplan like 5000 to confirm my sip account . If any one dial 5000 exten it must play back the sip account then one who is calling

if i dial from sip 101 to => 5000
it must play back extentions number 101

The reason is we are using digital to analog converter hardware . unable to identify which sip account is assigned to the calling agent analog phone .

Thanks in advance

Type core show applications and core show functions at the CLI prompt. the answer should be fairly obvious.

Hi david,

I want to hear playback of which sip extension im using.

          can you pls teach me how to do . below output of applications

          ADSIProg: Load Asterisk ADSI Scripts into phone
            AELSub: Launch subroutine built with AEL
        AgentLogin: Call agent login.

AgentMonitorOutgoing: Record agent’s outgoing call.
AGI: Executes an AGI compliant application.
AlarmReceiver: Provide support for receiving alarm reports from a burglar or fire alarm panel.
AMD: Attempt to detect answering machines.
Answer: Answer a channel if ringing.
Authenticate: Authenticate a user
BackGround: Play an audio file while waiting for digits of an extension to go to.
BackgroundDetect: Background a file with talk detect.
Bridge: Bridge two channels.
Busy: Indicate the Busy condition.
CallCompletionCancel: Cancel call completion service
CallCompletionRequest: Request call completion service for previous call
CELGenUserEvent: Generates a CEL User Defined Event.
ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel.
ChanIsAvail: Check channel availability
ChannelRedirect: Redirects given channel to a dialplan target
ChanSpy: Listen to a channel, and optionally whisper into it.
ClearHash: Clear the keys from a specified hashname.
ConfBridge: Conference bridge application.
Congestion: Indicate the Congestion condition.
ContinueWhile: Restart a While loop.
ControlPlayback: Play a file with fast forward and rewind.
DAHDIBarge: Barge in (monitor) DAHDI channel.
DAHDIRAS: Executes DAHDI ISDN RAS application.
DAHDIScan: Scan DAHDI channels to monitor calls.
DAHDISendCallreroutingFacility: Send an ISDN call rerouting/deflection facility message.
DAHDISendKeypadFacility: Send digits out of band over a PRI.
DateTime: Says a specified time in a custom format.
DBdel: Delete a key from the asterisk database.
DBdeltree: Delete a family or keytree from the asterisk database.
DeadAGI: Executes AGI on a hungup channel.
Dial: Attempt to connect to another device or endpoint and bridge the call.
Dictate: Virtual Dictation Machine.
Directory: Provide directory of voicemail extensions.
DISA: Direct Inward System Access.
DumpChan: Dump Info About The Calling Channel.
EAGI: Executes an EAGI compliant application.
Echo: Echo media, DTMF back to the calling party
EndWhile: End a while loop.
Exec: Executes dialplan application.
ExecIf: Executes dialplan application, conditionally.
ExecIfTime: Conditional application execution based on the current time.
ExitWhile: End a While loop.
ExtenSpy: Listen to a channel, and optionally whisper into it.
ExternalIVR: Interfaces with an external IVR application.
Festival: Say text to the user.
Flash: Flashes a DAHDI Trunk.
FollowMe: Find-Me/Follow-Me application.
ForkCDR: Forks the Call Data Record.
Gosub: Jump to label, saving return address.
GosubIf: Conditionally jump to label, saving return address.
Goto: Jump to a particular priority, extension, or context.
GotoIf: Conditional goto.
GotoIfTime: Conditional Goto based on the current time.
Hangup: Hang up the calling channel.
IAX2Provision: Provision a calling IAXy with a given template.
ICES: Encode and stream using ‘ices’.
ImportVar: Import a variable from a channel into a new variable.
Incomplete: Returns AST_PBX_INCOMPLETE value.
Log: Send arbitrary text to a selected log level.
Macro: Macro Implementation.
MacroExclusive: Exclusive Macro Implementation.
MacroExit: Exit from Macro.
MacroIf: Conditional Macro implementation.
MailboxExists: Check to see if Voicemail mailbox exists.
MeetMe: MeetMe conference bridge.
MeetMeAdmin: MeetMe conference administration.
MeetMeChannelAdmin: MeetMe conference Administration (channel specific).
MeetMeCount: MeetMe participant count.
Milliwatt: Generate a Constant 1004Hz tone at 0dbm (mu-law).
MinivmAccMess: Record account specific messages.
MinivmDelete: Delete Mini-Voicemail voicemail messages.
MinivmGreet: Play Mini-Voicemail prompts.
MinivmMWI: Send Message Waiting Notification to subscriber(s) of mailbox.
MinivmNotify: Notify voicemail owner about new messages.
MinivmRecord: Receive Mini-Voicemail and forward via e-mail.
MixMonitor: Record a call and mix the audio during the recording. Use of StopMixMonitor is required to guarantee the audio file is available for processing during dialplan execution.
Monitor: Monitor a channel.
Morsecode: Plays morse code.
MP3Player: Play an MP3 file or M3U playlist file or stream.
MSet: Set channel variable(s) or function value(s).
MusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold indefinitely.
NBScat: Play an NBS local stream.
NoCDR: Tell Asterisk to not maintain a CDR for the current call
NoOp: Do Nothing (No Operation).
Originate: Originate a call.
Page: Page series of phones
Park: Park yourself.
ParkAndAnnounce: Park and Announce.
ParkedCall: Retrieve a parked call.
PauseMonitor: Pause monitoring of a channel.
PauseQueueMember: Pauses a queue member.
Pickup: Directed extension call pickup.
PickupChan: Pickup a ringing channel.
Playback: Play a file.
PlayTones: Play a tone list.
PrivacyManager: Require phone number to be entered, if no CallerID sent
Proceeding: Indicate proceeding.
Progress: Indicate progress.
Queue: Queue a call for a call queue.
QueueLog: Writes to the queue_log file.
RaiseException: Handle an exceptional condition.
Read: Read a variable.
ReadExten: Read an extension into a variable.
ReadFile: Read the contents of a text file into a channel variable.
ReceiveFAX: Receive a FAX and save as a TIFF/F file.
Record: Record to a file.
RemoveQueueMember: Dynamically removes queue members.
ResetCDR: Resets the Call Data Record.
RetryDial: Place a call, retrying on failure allowing an optional exit extension.
Return: Return from gosub routine.
Ringing: Indicate ringing tone.
SayAlpha: Say Alpha.
SayDigits: Say Digits.
SayNumber: Say Number.
SayPhonetic: Say Phonetic.
SayUnixTime: Says a specified time in a custom format.
SendDTMF: Sends arbitrary DTMF digits
SendFAX: Sends a specified TIFF/F file as a FAX.
SendImage: Sends an image file.
SendText: Send a Text Message.
SendURL: Send a URL.
Set: Set channel variable or function value.
SetAMAFlags: Set the AMA Flags.
SetCallerPres: Set CallerID Presentation.
SetMusicOnHold: Set default Music On Hold class.
SIPAddHeader: Add a SIP header to the outbound call.
SIPDtmfMode: Change the dtmfmode for a SIP call.
SIPRemoveHeader: Remove SIP headers previously added with SIPAddHeader
SLAStation: Shared Line Appearance Station.
SLATrunk: Shared Line Appearance Trunk.
SMS: Communicates with SMS service centres and SMS capable analogue phones.
SoftHangup: Hangs up the requested channel.
SpeechActivateGrammar: Activate a grammar.
SpeechBackground: Play a sound file and wait for speech to be recognized.
SpeechCreate: Create a Speech Structure.
SpeechDeactivateGrammar: Deactivate a grammar.
SpeechDestroy: End speech recognition.
SpeechLoadGrammar: Load a grammar.
SpeechProcessingSound: Change background processing sound.
SpeechStart: Start recognizing voice in the audio stream.
SpeechUnloadGrammar: Unload a grammar.
StackPop: Remove one address from gosub stack.
StartMusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold.
StopMixMonitor: Stop recording a call through MixMonitor, and free the recording’s file handle.
StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel.
StopMusicOnHold: Stop playing Music On Hold.
StopPlayTones: Stop playing a tone list.
System: Execute a system command.
TestClient: Execute Interface Test Client.
TestServer: Execute Interface Test Server.
Transfer: Transfer caller to remote extension.
TryExec: Executes dialplan application, always returning.
TrySystem: Try executing a system command.
UnpauseMonitor: Unpause monitoring of a channel.
UnpauseQueueMember: Unpauses a queue member.
UserEvent: Send an arbitrary event to the manager interface.
Verbose: Send arbitrary text to verbose output.
VMAuthenticate: Authenticate with Voicemail passwords.
VMSayName: Play the name of a voicemail user
VoiceMail: Leave a Voicemail message.
VoiceMailMain: Check Voicemail messages.
Wait: Waits for some time.
WaitExten: Waits for an extension to be entered.
WaitForNoise: Waits for a specified amount of noise.
WaitForRing: Wait for Ring Application.
WaitForSilence: Waits for a specified amount of silence.
WaitMusicOnHold: Wait, playing Music On Hold.
WaitUntil: Wait (sleep) until the current time is the given epoch.
While: Start a while loop.
Zapateller: Block telemarketers with SIT.

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How about using … plications
and … n_CALLERID

–Satish Barot