IAX Load Balancing?

I have a prepaid calling card system that is starting to get a lot of use and I’m thinking that I may need to add an additional box in the future to handle the voice traffic.

How would you guys suggest I do this? I’ve never had a need to run the same app off of two different servers before. One thing I’m particularly worried about is the DID’s. How can I distribute the incoming calls to two different servers? Both boxes won’t be able to register with my VoIP providers, correct?

Any insight here would be appreciated! :smile:

First you should consider WHAT is creating the strain on your box. If it’s call data (media) then yeah that will probably need a new box, but if it’s something like AGI execution you can probably offload just that with FastAGI.

It’s call data. So I need another box to run the app and distribute the load between the two boxes.

I kknow many people have put OpenSER in front of * to ease the SIP load, if you did that with reinvites it might either make your single box easier or allow you to split the load better (OpenSER can do that). Then you could have multiple * boxes, all running the CC application, and using the same calling card database…

But what if I don’t want to go the OpenSER way. I don’t really feel comfortable with OpenSER at this point so I don’t want to be using it.

What if I just want to go the Asterisk way? Could I use Dundi for this kind of stuff?