Current FXO PCI-e controller?

Hi, we’re currently using a Atcom AXE400PL-02 4 Port Analog PCI-E Asterisk Low Profile Card with fedora29 using the wctdm driver and it’s apparently no longer supported.

Do you have any recommendations on other PCI-e 4-port FXO analog controllers that work with current versions of asterisk/dahdi?

I’ve been told the only current one left is the Digium A4B controller, but it’s like $550. The card I’m currently using is closer to $100.

While I can’t make any recommendations for FXO cards (I use dedicated hardware gateways) I would like to point out that Hardware sales from Digium help support the Asterisk project.

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Digium and Sangoma cards may be more expensive, but also guarantee a lot less headaches.

For simple needs I think ATA devices from Grandstream are fine, Patton may be better. I use Sangoma cards in special environments, but most of the time simple ATA devices are sufficient. I think for a handful of bucks, nothing can beat these devices.

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I bought the Digium 1A4B03F PCI-E to support Digium.

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