CURL function not registering

I am at a complete loss on this. Asterisk, virtualized on a Proxmox (openvz) server. Asterisk has been compliled with the curl option selected in menuselect, no errors thrown however upon restart, the function is not registered.

I have gone to every google link I could find on this, and every forum that even mentions curl, but still no closer to resolution.

Have installed: asterisk16-curl, curl-devel, curl … recompiled after each time and still no joy.

Any thoughts as to a direction to go? I will keep plugging away and see if I can make it happen, and will post if I find resolution. Hopefully I am not the only one that has had this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Is the module present? Does it compilation date match that of the main binary?

What happens if you try to force it to load with module load?