Curl() function in asterisk 11

Hi, I’m trying to join an url with the url() function like this:

But unfortunately I recieved the flollowing error:
ERROR[4459][C-0000000b]: pbx.c:4306 ast_func_read: Function CURL not registered …
I tried cURL() and SendUrl() but the problem persits.

Can somebody fixe me please?
I was running asterisk 1.8 and the function was running well…
Regards !

Install the dependencies of curl, select the module in the menuselect and recompile asterisk.

I’m having a similar problem. I’m using Asterisk 11.17.1. When executing menuselect, in Dialplan Functions->func_curl, there are XXXs. When highlighted, the menu reads, “Depends on: curl(E)”. The problem is that I have curl installed via Package curl-7.40.0-1.49.amzn1.x86_64.

Why isn’t asterisk detecting curl?

Probably because you don’t have its development package installed.