Create a IVR for out Dial

Hi all,

Currently we have an application server, which generates IVR dial out. Application server sends an XML which contain the audio clip names need to play and it sends to a boss mobicent server. Then it will analyze the xml and generate a call to user number which is mentioned on the xml. Then server plays the audio recording and wait for users dtmf input. Then it will hang up the call and again send user input value to the application server as an XML.

I was wondering can we use asterisk server for this purpose. Can we generate a call by asterisk from an external application, with XML support.

I have no idea how to solve this puzzle. Any kind of clue is appreciated.

Thank you

This is certainly possible with Asterisk.
You’ll need write a script(in a language of your choice) to parse an XML script and send information to Asterisk using AMI( you can send back result in xml.

–Satish Barot