Country code issue

Hello guys.

When customer calls the DID number agents cant hear the voice and some of the can hear(ok).

When I opened the Trace it shows me as follows:
The customers you can hear is as follows:
"From: “0025677777777"sip:+25677777777@10.X.X.X.X;tag=ad00004-gHJy7c256cd2”

And the one that you cant hear (no sound is like this)
"From: “25688888888"sip:+25688888888@10.X.X.X.X;tag=ad00004-gHJy7c256cd2”

What is the reason Please? Any suggestion please?

Almost always it’s a Nat issue.
nat=yes in each phone’s configuration?
When asterisk initiates a phone call, there are always TWO ports in use if the call is a SIP phone call.

UDP Port 5060 for control and a UDP rport (random port) between 10k and 25k, chosen at the moment of the call, for the audio.

If the 5060 packet gets through, you get a ring and even a “live call” notice. But until the rport traffic succeeds, you won’t get any audio.

So: UDP5060 is succeeding, but the rport is being blocked to the agent, so no audio.

Test: Try an IAX2 phone instead. IAX2 could be accurately described to a lay-person as “SIP In a Wrapper that gets through the firewall”.
NO it is not necessary to make any other changes such as carriers. The agent phone being IAX instead of SIP has no other effect.
All you need to do is download and install an IAX2 phone (zoiper free is nice for this) and create an IAX2 phone under amin->phones.

Another workaround is to edit /etc/my.cnf and include host in the section [client]

#password = your_password
host =
port = 3306
socket = /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock

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