Couldn't remove "no matching peer" warning

Hi all,

Whenever I run asterisk, I keep receiving “no matching peer” warning.

[Dec 12 14:47:03] NOTICE[2876]: chan_sip.c:21645 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘“XXX XXXX”’ failed for ‘’ - No matching peer found

I used the extensionbefore. However, it’s been deleted from sip.conf. I don’t understand why I keep seeing it. It’s kind of annoying.

Could you suggest me where to look into this issue?

You need to look in the phone.

thanks David.

However, the phone is not in our office. It’s used for an outsourced employee before. What is the caused of the error?

The phone is configured to register on your server but your server does not know about the phone. As you say that you intentionally removed it from the server, the fault is in the phone. You need to remove the registration data from the phone.

I guess you could just block it in the firewall, or you could let it register into a context that can’t do anything.

thanks! :smile: