Could Record and Read return their actual exit key?

Greetings. I have successfully converted an old Rhetorex/Brooktrout based medical dictation system to Asterisk(11) and look forward to using it in production. One major limitation that I have encountered is that although the Record application will allow me to exit on ANY key, it won’t (that I know of) tell me just what that key was. I have to patch the Record application with some code to return the exit key which is OK for my own system, but it eliminates the possibility of running my application in a hosted Asterisk environment (they probably won’t patch and recompile Record just for me.

In a sophisticated IVR like medical dictation it is not efficient to force users to first exit Record with a #, and then enter what they want to do next as a separate step. The Read application has a similar limitation in that you cannot capture the # if/when it was entered.

I was wondering what the user community might think of minimally altering the behavior of Record and Read just enough to know exactly what key was used to exit the application? A new Global like EXITKEY (similiar in function to SYSTEMSTATUS and READSTATUS) would be sufficient.


PS…Asterisk is an amazing platform…thanks.


That sounds like a very reasonable thing. You might want to take this to the asterisk-users mailing list though, or perhaps even the -dev list. The participants there are more apt to be able to comment on your proposal.