Could no modify the callerid when unknow caller from T1s

i found a issue,we have a Asterisk server with TE410p card.
i get a call who have no caller information comes from T1,i want to modify his callerid(add new informaiton as CALLERID(NUM) OR CALLER(NAME)) and then to the next sip server.
failed,if no callerid,the next sip server will get Nothing about callerid too,but if there are callerid information,then i can modify it,and on the next sip serve,can be seen.

anybody can give some suggestion ? thank you

This one may useful for you. … g-callerid


i know how to change the callerid,but in this case,i modified the callerid,but not available.

i don’t know if that is a Bug.

thanks for your help,again.