Cordless IP Phone w/ Speakerphone

I am looking for a Cordless IP Phone with speakerphone. The closet match I found was the Aastra 480i-CT, but it does not have speakerphone on its headset which is really a deal-breaker (everything else is perfect).

WiFi phones are an option, but I’ve been told (and read) that nearly all of them aren’t very good. It’s also hard to find one with a speakerphone. If its a WiFi phone WPA/WPA2 support is a must.

The XV6700 sounded promising (installing a SIP softphone on it), and then my boss said he doesn’t want a phone that powerful because of radiation.

If I really really really have to, I will buy a Digium card to convert a few of our cordless analog phones, but this is not ideal because they won’t be as smart as IP Phones and they won’t be able to auto-answer an intercom call. It appears more complex to set up.

Can anyone make any recommendations? Sorry for the long list of requirements…