Context and Trunks

Hello everyone,

I’m new this forum and also VOIP and recently i have to manage our existing FreePBX which my company telephone system. Our FreePBX got trunk with an existing VOIP Provider but their system recently did not work stable for us to call out therefore my boss asked me to find another provider as back up.

So if I found a new provider and setup the sip trunk with that provider, can we use context to define which trunk we use to call out instead of change the trunk within FreePBX.

Thanks in advance.


The FreePBX forum is located at and would be a better place, as this involves configuring FreePBX.

Thanks, but I can’t do the much with FreePBX, our PBX managed by the Provider and they used SSH to do all the adjust they need, i saw they divide our PBX with context to call out.

It is even more important that you get advise from the FreePBX people if you are undermining the FreePBX diaplan. You either need to get a reasonably good understanding of how FreePBX actually implements its GUI constructs, many of which are abstractions created on top of Asterisk, or you need to throw FreePBX out completely.

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