Contact header in REGISTER using

I understand how to set the Contact: header for outbound REGISTER in the register => command in sip.conf (for me I just add /2144326834*99887766 at the very end of my register => statement).

The problem is the Asterisk GUI does not create a register => statement, it instead adds “registersip = yes” to the relevant entry in users.conf for the sip trunk. As a result the contact header goes out like this:


see below:

From: <sip:2144326834*>;tag=as38502296 To: <sip:2144326834*> Call-ID: 4a04b7250cdad65752d562c80bedcb53@2144326834*99887766 CSeq: 103 REGISTER User-Agent: Asterisk PBX Max-Forwards: 70 Expires: 120 Contact: <>

I need the Contact header in the outbound registration to look like this instead:

Contact: sip:2144326834*

How can I make this happen? Is there some kind of contactheader= option that I don’t know about? Without setting the number*bgid I cannot receive calls from my carrier.


So I take it there is no way to specify a contact header when using registersip=yes?