Bnc in registration contact header

I would like to add the bnc token (see RFC 6140) to the Contact header of a trunk registration. I can add all kinds of stuff to the To and From headers, but not to the Contact header of the initial registration.

Does someone know how to do that?

Which channel driver are you using? I don’t believe the chan_sip module allows this, but chan_pjsip does in master[1] - that is allowing arbitrary contact parameters in the REGISTER.


PJSIP, of course. I’ll read the doc you mentioned, but I obviously did not grasp everything.

The functionality does not exist in any of the release branches. It’s strictly in master, so not yet documented on the wiki automatically.

I found that out myself meanwhile. I usually grep the source code of the releases (i.e. not master), but I didn’t find anything suitable in 16.3.0. On Linux I would compile the stuff myself, but the target system is FreeBSD in this case.

I think I’ll set up a VM with the ports collection, replace the required files and then manually replace the lib on the target box. Should work…

The updated drags in new symbols from other files. It may be a minor thing, but I’d rather not try my luck on a production machine.
On the other hand, Asterisk now seems to build without any hacks on FreeBSD, which I haven’t tried for a couple of years, so I can still look at what is ahead of the official versions.

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