Connect old pbx with new asterisk

Is it possible to integrate old PBX system with new asterisk server.
currently we have a Traditinal PBx system which serves 15 extn.
currently we need to increase the number of extn.
so is possible that we can create a new extn. on asterisk and integrate it with old pbx system. so the both system work simulteniously.



It depends on the type of pbx you currently have to increase the number of extensions. If you used one of the extension ports on the pbx to connect to asterisk then put 15 extensions on asterisk you still only have 1 line between the pbx and asterisk so you could ony make 1 call at a time between the two. If your pbx could support a T1 then you could do 24 extensions. Another thing you might could do would be to put asterisk between your pbx and the pstn. Then you could put for example the tech support department extensions on asterisk route those calls to them and send other calls to the pbx for your other departments. Here is a link to the wiki with some info on connecting asterisk to the pbx. … ntegration