Connect Asterisk to GSM Network

Hi all,

My target is to connect my asterisk(hosted in the cloud) to a GSM company. This GSM company does not offer SIP Trunking. And it will be a challenges to use GSM Gateway since the GSM Gateway box cannot be in the same local network as the Asterisk Server which is in the loud.

The commercial team at GSM company was suggesting we use an API but it seems they don’t have an exiating API. They yet to refer me to their technical team.

I just want to know if it is possible for this GSM company to give me an API that I can installed in my Linux Asterisk cloud server so the Asterisk PBX can connect to their telephone network?
Or is there a way to connect my Asterisk in the cloud to a GSM compnay, other than using SIP or GSM Gateway box?

The API is only likely to support the sending of SMS.

For voice calls you will need to go through the PSTN to reach them.

OK thanks for the reply

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