Confusing dial status with ISDN phone

we are using asterisk as gateway for connecting two ISDN channel (mobile phone) . we are using Dialogic Diva V-4PRI/E1/T1-120 PCI v1 - with asterisk. when someone (mobile no xxxxxxxxxxx) calls to our ISDN mobile number yyyyyyyyyy in our asterisk box we do connect him by dialing mobile no zzzzzzzzzzz from our asterisk . please check the dialplan where xxxxxxxxxxx the caller number. yyyyyyyyyy is our ISDN number and zzzzzzzzzz is the called party number .

exten => yyyyyyyyyyy,1,Answer()
same => n,Dial(CAPI/ISDN1/xxxxxxxxxxx:zzzzzzzzzzz,30,Tt)

everything is ok. the only problem is we are getting wrong ${DIALSTATUS} . when the zzzzzzzzzzz mobile got busy or offline sometimes we are getting BUSY and sometimes NO ANSWER status no matter the mobile is busy or offline.

the function device_state() is always showing Unknown

how can i get the real dial status so that i can do further dialplan based on the device is busy or offline status

Why are you answering (and starting charging for the caller) before the called party answers?

You will need to provide signalling traces for your ISDN connections. As you don’t seem to be using Digium hardware, that may well involve configuring third party drivers.

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thanks for your reply.

i answered as i used some ivr flow (like press 1 for this , 2 for that bla bla) before dialing which i didnt show here . no matter i use answer or not , the caller will be billed as they do hear the ivr

unfortunately dialogic has stopped their support on asterisk .