Ast1.2 DIALSTATUS on Local Chan not as expected

Dear Forum,
I am confused about this and maybe I have been staring at this for too long, so I apologize in advance if this is normal asterisk behavior.

I am running asterisk v1.2.14 from source and I am running a complex dialplan. The short of it is that I am having incoming calls off a PRI going to SIP phones. During the process, the call comes in and I do a ‘Dial(Local/3401/n,20)’. Now when the call returns I proceed based on the ${DIALSTATUS} variable.

Now asterisk shows in the console:
== Auto fallthrough, channel ‘Local/3155@default-ebb6,2’ status is ‘NOANSWER’
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)
– Executing Verbose(“Zap/1-1”, “CHANUNAVAIL”) in new stack

So I see the NoAnswer state on the SIP channel, but this does not pass back to the Local channel even though I am using the ‘/n’ to prevent local channel transfer and release. So technically I should see the SIP’s DIALSTATUS and not the local channel’s DIALSTATUS. Yes?

What really gets me is that I thought this worked before… Or maybe it is just the lack of sleep. :smile:

Thanks! -Cheers, Peter. :confused:

Anyone… ??