Confusing device state

i want to get the device state through following

exten => s,1,NoOp()
same => n,Verbose(SIP/${ARG1} has state ${DEVICE_STATE(SIP/${ARG1})}) ; device status checking

when i m calling from 2098 to 2000 i found the following log even if 2000 is busy with another channel

– Executing [s@macro-dialnew:2] Verbose(“SIP/2098-00000001”, “SIP/2000 has state NOT_INUSE”) in new stack
SIP/2000 has state NOT_INUSE

I tried with ${MACRO_EXTEN} insteed of ${ARG1} in my macro. but its not working…

but i m sure it was working before , and probably i did no change …

Do you have callcounters=yes set in your sip.conf?