Configuring POP3 Email on Asterisknow


Being very new to Asterisk, this is probably one of those questions which has been address before, but i seem not to be able to find the answer.

All i want to do, is get Asterisk to email voicemail using a standard POP3 email provide like Yahoo.
For example i would like to use Yahoo as my outgoing POP3 email agent, to send the voicemail messages to an external email address, but these days, the comercial POP3 email companies like yahoo etc, have alot more security around sending outoging mail.

Would some one put me out of my misery please.

Hoping this all made sense.



POP3 has nothing to do with outgoing mail. Asterisk will use your systems SMTP application to send the VM to the address defined in voicemail.conf for the mailbox.

now SMTP configuration is a whole other nest of vipers. what system are you running ?

Yes sorry, i didn’t make myself very clear did i. The SMTP configuration was what i was after. I have loaded the Asterisknow ISO, so running linux. (is that what you were asking?)

i don’t know anything about AsteriskNOW, but i would hazard a guess that if the box has access to DNS and your ISP doesn’t block access to port 25 on remote hosts, it should be good to go.