Configuring Asterisk 11.7 for odbc & sqlite

I have downloaded the asterisk 11.7 source. I have built and installed the unixodbc from I go to the asterisk 11.7.0 source directory and run ./configure. I then run make menuconfig and it shows the sqlite and odbc entries as ‘XXX’. I looked in /usr/local/lib and the libraries are there for odbc and sqliteodbc but asterisk isn’t recognizing them. Is there a way to make asterisk find these installs and enable odbc and sqliteodbc?


Usually when people report things like this they have the run time libraries but not the development libraries. If you have the development libraries, there are usually options for configure to specify the directory containing the library.

Thank you for the reply. I have searched for an sqlite3odbc or unixodbc -devel library but there isn’t one for my system. Is there some documentation about how features are enabled are disabled by the "configure’ script?..

configure --help