10.0.0 instalation and sqlite3 [SOLVED]

Hi. I try to install 10.0.0. When I start ./configure i receive message:

configure: WARNING: *** Asterisk now uses SQLite3 for the internal Asterisk database.
configure: WARNING: *** Please install the SQLite3 development package.

I already install sqlite3 and it work. The Linux is Slackware. What can I do.

Either the development headers aren’t installed, they’re not installed correctly, or the configure script can’t find them.

Yes. The configure script can`t find the libsqlite dir. I just use: --with-sqlite3=/usr/local/lib and everything is fine. 10x.


I am having almost the same issue.
Can anybody provide me some help??
I need to install SQLite3-devel and I cannot find it, so that i can download and install.
If any body knows wher to get it, pleas elet me know.