Configuring a TE110P card with a TDM40B card

I am trying to configure a TE110P card with a TDM40B card and is not sure how my zaptel.conf and zapata.conf has to look like.

I have a T1 line and thus using a TE110P card which I can configure on its own just fine but now I have a TDM40B card I have to add for the fax machines and have no idea how to configure them together. Can anybody help please?

My zaptel.conf looks like this:
e&m=1-24 ;for my T1 channels
fxoks=25-28 ;for the 4 Analog devices

Zapata.conf :
channels => 1-24

channels => 25-28

Also is the LED suppose to turn green on the TDM4 card?

I am sorry we got cut off, can you please post the output of that dmesg?



Just to let you guys know that I solved the issue. The error message I got was " ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 25: No such device or address (6)"

When you do a dmesg at the command prompt you can see some information about the modprobing. My problem was that I forgot to plug in the power connector into the TDM40B card. After I plugged it in I was able to modprobe the TE110P and TDM40B without any issues. It configured all 28 channels and the LED’s all turned green.

Thanks Matt for your assistance - I learned about dmesg :smile: