Configure Smartphone as Softphone using CSipSimple


I was wondering if it was possible to configure my smartphone to be a softphone with asterisk without having a sip provider or a voip provider. I have installed asterisk on my VM with a static IP but I’m not sure how to configure it with my smartphone using the CSipSimple app.

I have been able to configure my Panasonic landlines to the Asterisk system without needing any providers.

If you could please help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks & Regards,

As long as you only want to make internal calls, simply don’t configure the provider.

But when I create an account in the CSip simple app, what wizard do I choose? and for the SIP server domain/IP[:port] do I put the IP address of my VM or the IP of my phone? And for account name do I put the name I made in my sip.conf.

For example:

context = phones;

Thank you again for your help.

The Asterisk side is basic knowledge. If you don’t have the time to learn it, you need to hire a consultant. CSipSimple is not Asterisk, although the same comment probably applies.