Basic configuration softphone and sip

Hello!:slight_smile: i can’t find any other place to ask this question.
I’m just new in researching how to connect 2 softphone via a sip server…

so i just wanted to ask, can you guys help me in connecting 2 softphone via a sip server? preferably if you could recommend a software for the system i will be implementing, which would just be a phase in what we’re trying to do. thank you very much, i hope what i said was clear enough :smiley:

note: the softphones are via CPUs for now…

You mean you want to call one softphone from the other?

as of the moment, yes and temporarily a CPU. So it comes out as CPU Softphone -> CPU Server -> CPU Softphone.

I’ve had some developments over the hours, used Asterisk as the SIP server and went with X-Lite as the softphones.

Does anyone have better ideas for softphone? and a good website to configure this basic connection?

Thank you very much for reading :smile:

Beeing a linux user, I’m using ekiga 8)