Configure ooh323c with Siemens optiPoint 400 standard

Hi Folks!

I’m a absolute newbie with *, but for a project i have to configure some H323-phones and SIP-clients to work together.
The SIP-clients are ATAs and SIP-phones and work fine.
But with the H323-phones Siemens optiPoint 400 standard i’ve many troubles.
The first was to install the H323-protocol in *. After many problems with oh323 and pwlib i remembered the asterisk-addons package where asterisk-ooh323c is included. The installation was succesful and with show channeltypes i can see the ooh323c-channel. But for corrrect working i need to install a gatekeeper. Is it correct, that ooh323c also works as a gatekeeper? How do i set it proberly? And how do i have to configure the ooh323.conf & the Siemens-phones?

Thanks in advance

PS. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you can understand my problems.
Greets from germany.