Configure IZZI Arris TG862 modem, for IP phone inputs

Configure IZZI Arris TG862 modem, for IP phone inputs

How to configure a modem in general, or if you can a modem of the Internet service provider IZZI Arris model: TG862, before or after installing a telephone exchange with a PCI motherboard, asterisk digitum wildcard.
As a reference, location Mexico City, I already have contracted internet and telephone service

Cable modems usually have their VoIP configuration provisioned from the ISP.

That being said, some of them, depending on the firmware, does allow you to configure VoIP settings manually.

The MTA (VoIP) section of the modem, usually runs on a separate connection to the provider, the provider needs to enable the MTA, before it can be used, to my knowledge this is set in the configuration file downloaded by the modem on boot, same config file used for setting up the internet connection parameters.

In other words, if you are not the provider, and the provider does not enable MTA usage for customers, with arbitrary VoIP providers, you would be better off using a softphone or getting an IP phone or ATA of your own.

With that being said, they should be plenty capable of working together with Asterisk.

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