Configure dialplan via API


Is it possible to setup a dialplan, setup outbound inbound routes using javascript over REST API. We looked at ARI but that appears not to support this. This is for Asterisk 18


Inbound and outbound routes are FreePBX concepts, not Asterisk ones, and ARI doesn’t address the FreePBX database.

ARI is also not intended to be used to manipulate the configuration.

AMI and CLI provide the ability to manipulate some of the configuration, but not all of it.

Note that FreePBX creates configuration files rather than manipulating the run time configuration directly.

OK, shouldn’t have used the term outbound inbound routes. What I meant was editing sip.conf, extensions.conf, then reloading the dialplan from a javascript library. Is it possible?


You can use Asterisk 16 ManagerAction_UpdateConfig - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

But in all my years using Asterisk , I’ve never used it. Related to control inbound calls, you can do that using AGI. You won’t use JavaScript for an AGI, but if you are a Javascript guy you can use node.js to write your AGI

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