Conferencing Hardware / Server(s)?

I need to know what kind of hardware is needed for an Asterisk Conferencing call (audio) system with support for 100+ concurrent users / 20+ conferences having in consideration:

  • There will be one real phone number available for users to call from any phone.
  • The revenue will be based on the time users stay in the call/phone number.
  • App will implement the Asterisk Rest Interface (ARI) via .NET/C#.

Do we need other resources beside the Asterisk sever (Linux/Ubuntu machine) and the .NET server?

You will need an MCU server. Asterisk cannot do video conference with stream mux so you need something else to do this for you. Also a very big box if you are planning to use only one machine cause video is extremely resource intensive.

I only need support for audio conferences, not video. My question is if I
need any special hardware beside the Ubuntu machine with the Asterisk
software and a server with the web app, considering the above.

Nope. Use Centos, Asterisk is being developed and mostly used with Centos in mint so if you get in trouble might be easier to find a solution.

From a developer perspective we’re a mix of Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Continuous integration also occurs on both Ubuntu and CentOS to make sure we catch anything that may be different between the two.