Conference System - Drastic difference in Participant Volume

Hello, I am using asterisk for a conference system and am having issues with the volume levels of the different participants in the conference. Some callers will come in nice and clear while others will come across incredibly loud to the point where their voice gets muffled.

It seems that this is an issue with the phone the caller is using. If I have the loud person go and use the other phone they sound much better.

My question is what are my options on the asterisk end to combat this problem? It seems like a gain issue. I saw there is a configuration variable called rxgain for zapata.conf but does this apply to my IAX connection to VoicePulse? I only see mention of zapata hardware FXO interface cards…

Is there a way to put a hard limit volume coming into the machine? Are there codecs that are more controlled than what VoicePulse seems to prefer (ulaw?) Thank you for your help.

Asterisk – VoicePulse Connect Service (IAX, ulaw codec) – Meetme Conference Rooms. I am not using the asterisk box as inbound/outbound phone system, it is only being used to host conference rooms.

I’ve been experimenting with rxgain in the zapata.conf and it seems to be working a bit. Is this because meetme is using ztdummy? Does anyone have any other suggestions for dealing with really loud voices? Thank you.

the rxgain/txgain shouldn’t have any effect on this, as they are specific to hardware zap channels, IIRC.

i would agree with you that it is the phone that is the problem, not necessarily asterisk. however, i don’t know of a per-phone way to adjust those gains on the server side…

i know this sounds extremely dumb, but you might check the phone manuals to see if there is a gain control and/or dB boost feature that might be turned on…the softphones we use (eyebeam) have both, and that we have to keep the mics turned fairly low, otherwise they will start breaking up quite badly…

Hmm, thanks for your help but as for the per-phone concept I was thinking more along the lines of a blanket filter type thing that would prevent audio levels from reaching a certain height (?). So that normal voices would not be affected but loud voices would be limited to that level.

The users can control their listen volume while in the the call, both listen and talk volumes seperately. The loud person once told that they are loud could simply hit * then hit 7 to lower their tx volume.