Conference Segmentation Fault w/o DONT_OPTIMIZE

I seem to have a weird issue. When entering a conference room, I experience segmentation faults 100% of the time as soon as the announcement is over, right after this line:

== End MixMonitor Recording ConfBridgeRecorder/conf-500-uid-752723371

There is literally no error or even mention of the issue in the Asterisk log other than seeing it respawn and reload all of the modules.

However, when I re-compile Asterisk with the DONT_OPTIMIZE flag to generate a backtrace, I can’t reproduce the segmentation fault (so I can’t see what is going on)??

Any ideas?

Asterisk 10.8.0-digiumphones
CentOS 5.8 x64

Do the backtrace, anyway, it may still give a clue.

Also try a different compiler.