Conference calls in Asterisk

Hi all,

I am new to the Asterisk world. I just setup Asterisk with FreePBX. I registered 2 extensions with softphone over the same LAN as the Asterisk machine and they works fantasticly well within the LAN. Up to this point, I haven’t registered any VoIP providers yet, since everything is done internally.

I would like to know if I can register another SIP extension with this Asterisk box outside of my network , i.e. in my mother’s house over the internet?
Do I have to have a trunk register with a particular VoIP provider in order to do this?

More specifically, can I setup another * machine at my mother’s house and connect the 2 * machines together over the Internet with IAX protocol and without an VoIP provider?

Ya friend u can easily do that. ur 2 aqsterisk boxes will be connected on nternet and will communicate through IAX but make sure ur communication authority have nt banned IAX protocol.

i tried this here in my country by connecting 2 asterisk boxes from diferenent locations, it worked fine… but later PTA banned IAX and SIP.

u try it wd be work…

jehanzaib younis
eTel Pvt ltd