Conference calling on Cisco 7941

Hello, I have been using Asterisk for a couple of months now via PIAF on Raspberry Pi and a set of Cisco 7941 handsets.

Generally things are going well but there are two things I am struggling with. The first is conference calling. I can press ‘conference’ on the handset during a call, I can dial a second call, when I press conference to join the calls I receive a message I cannot complete the conference. This seems to be a handset-specific problem as I can conference on a softphone. How can I enable this feature?

Also, and this might be more tricky, I have found a softkeys.xml file which allows me to display a park button on the handset. I have parking lot enabled but it is not very elegant compared to just pressing ‘park’ on the handset - how can I go about enabling this?

Sorry if these are beginner questions but the 7900 series handsets have limited info about them from Cisco online and none of the guides I have found covers either of these things. A couple of people have posted online about having the same conference problem as me but it seems to be codec related for some of them - I have tried enabling other codecs so I don’t think my problem is codec related. The others have never received a solution. (I’ve been googling away since Friday and I’m going slightly mad now!)

Thanks all in advance, I really appreciate any offers of help.