Conference Call Issue


We are doing Conference Call through eye beam. The scenario is like this

agent -----(calls)-----> customer 1 (result is OK)

Putting customer 1 on hold

agent -----(calls)-----> customer 2 (result is OK)

Agent press Conference button and trying to do conference call with customer 1 and customer 2

in this scenario one of them are not able to hear. Extension of agent is registered on asterisk.

I also checked asterisk logs but no abnormality found. Any solution ?

If you can’t see an abnormality in the log, you are probably not logging in enough detail. We can make no judgments if we can’t see the logs.

What does the phone conference button do? E.g. some phones implement the conference bridge within the phone and the PABX is not aware of a conference.

What does the dialplan do with anything sent by the conference button?